Excellent Client Service is not just a nice idea. It’s a necessity.

THE SOLUTION  Designed to make the critical yet uncomfortable process of exchanging feedback that is critical to powerful professional relationships, the LaFlair Feedback Resource ("LFR") Check-In platform provides users with a quick and simple way to identify and articulate any gaps between what the client needs and what the client is experiencing.  It also identifies specific next steps for addressing any such gaps.​​

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THE GAP  Client needs are constantly and sometimes dramatically shifting as the world around them continues to evolve at an exponential rate.  The legal service delivery model hasn’t, however, significantly changed in years.  As a result, despite the best of intentions, there’s often a gap between what clients need and what legal professionals deliver.  

​​THE GOAL Effective lawyer-client relationships work like well-oiled machines: clients contribute valuable context about their situation and needs while their providers seamlessly contribute practical, legal knowledge based solutions.  Best of all, there are no surprises and the fees charged reflect the value of what was delivered so the client is happy to pay.