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HOW  Whether you're a purchaser or provider of legal services, LaFlair works with proven tools and strategies based on a strong foundation of internationally recognized Project Management principles and hands-on experience to identify and address gaps between the status quo and where things need to be in order to meet best practices or specific objectives.Whether you're a purchaser or provider of legal advice, LaFlair can help you keep this critical relationship on track with proven tools and strategies tailored to ensure lawyers are a valued resource based on a strong foundation: internationally recognized principles of Project Management.

WHO  A data based, outcome-oriented certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that has worked on both sides of the lawyer-client relationship.  LaFlair understands the many levers and change management subtleties involved in designing and successfully implementing sustainable solutions.  Her approach delivers results for clients and lawyers in all types of organizations and practice areas. 

WHY  Client needs are constantly and sometimes dramatically shifting as the world around them continues to evolve at an exponential rate.  The legal business model hasn’t, however, significantly changed in years.  As a result, despite the best of intentions, there’s often a gap between what clients need and what lawyers deliver.  

WHAT  Effective legal operations management results in lawyer-client relationships working like well-oiled machines where the client contributes valuable insights about their situation and needs and the lawyer seamlessly contributes practical, legal knowledge based solutions tailored to the client's time, scope and cost objectives.  Best of all there are no surprises and the fees charged reflect the value of what was delivered so the client is happy to pay.