Counsel Guidelines

Providing materials and guidance to assist clients in the development and adoption of external counsel billing guidelines to support the selection and management of external counsel.

Strategic Planning

Gathered and reviewed Firm's billing data and identified opportunities to strengthen client relationships by introducing succession planning, delegation, matter management and fixed fee approaches while increasing margins.

Successful RFP Response
​Assisted Firm in its successful preparation of a response to an RFP from a significant, long term client considering a broad range of potential service providers.  
Practice Management Coaching
​Supported a valued senior counsel in their development of practice and people management skills in order to increase their capacity for (i) addressing strategic matters and (ii) developing their team.  
Capacity Creation
Developed the vision and worked with the Company to design and implement a revised staffing and file management approach that added capacity without increasing headcount or costs while simultaneously enabling everyone to spend more time on value added activities.

External Counsel Management

Developed and introduced templates for retaining external counsel, developing matter plans, setting budgets and tracking progress versus plan and budget. 

Sample Case Studies

Resource Reallocation

Reviewed and quantified resource constraints and identified short and long term solutions to enable the legal department to meet the needs of the business with available resources.

Development of Unique Matter Process

Developed and introduced specific, practical processes, templates and supporting materials for successfully educating and negotiating with a broad range of potential investors from a broad range of backgrounds and objectives while balancing pressing timing and financial constraints.

Template Development

Working with a Company to identify, plan, develop and introduce a template and matter management framework for the Company’s internal legal department in order to reduce duplicate efforts, ensure consistency and efficiently develop and share best practices. 
Project Management Program
Supporting a Firm's development and introduction of training, tools and processes that provide their lawyers with the data, tools and skills required to establish reliable and profitable alternative fee arrangements with clients.  
Process Mapping and Improvement
Mapped legal department's
process for addressing the material volume of their matters, identified root causes of bottlenecks and options for addressing them. Worked with client to develop plan as well as resources and tools required for successfully introducing and implementing identified solutions.
Best Practices Audit

Reviewed a multi-office practice group's various approaches, resources, revenue sources and client needs to identify opportunities for adopting best practices that support the sustainable success of the practice group.

Budgeting Certainty

Identified, developed and introduced templates and processes for retaining and managing external counsel’s efforts in order to set budgets and avoid surprise fees.

Material Litigation:

Budgeting, Planning and Monitoring

Working with corporate clients and their external counsel to develop centralized budget and reporting approaches to link legal efforts to cost management and matter strategy assessments and deliberations.

Matter Planning and Management System

Developed and introduced system for efficiently managing regular legal elements of deals while promptly flagging and managing unusual elements with business, time and / or cost implications. 

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