Do you want to:

provide clients with reliable quotes?

improve overall resource allocation and profitability?

successfully respond to RFP's?

identify and implement operational changes that support strategic offerings?  

anticipate and successfully manage changes in expectations?

assess and implement alternative billing models?

grow your client base?

build a succession plan?

leverage basic, available technology?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, let's connect!



Do you want:

reliable budgets and cost certainty?  

to eliminate 11th hour surprises?

practical, targeted, solution oriented legal advice?

to maximize internal and / or external legal resource allocation?

to better integrate legal's efforts with the needs of your organization?

to reduce your annual legal spend?

to track and assess your legal spend?

to demonstrate the value of your legal spend?

to assess your legal team's performance?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, let's connect!



​Whatever the mandate it all starts with LaFlair understanding the current situation, identifying the client's ideal state and recommending steps to take clients from their current to their ideal. 

Some clients have a clear vision of their ideal state while others work with LaFlair to articulate that vision.

Some situations require strategic planning, some process mapping and template creation while others require resource reallocation or training and workshops.

Most involve various elements of change management.

In all cases, a review of available data provides a sound and objective baseline to work from.

Scope, timing and fees are agreed to in advance.

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